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I would recommend this screenwriting class to anyone who is starting out as a screenwriter, or to anyone who is a screenwriter looking to brush up his/her skills and learn the latest ideas and techniques. Harriette is an easy going, easy to understand teacher who is filled with a wealth of knowledge about not only the craft, but the business. I can't wait for the more advanced class."
-- William Butland

Harriette Yahr’s practical experience as a filmmaker who understands every part of filmmaking from writing and directing to cinematography -- and even producing and editing -- makes her one of the best film and screenwriting teachers anywhere.

-- Julie Davis, writer/director, "I Love You, Don't Touch Me", "Amy's O", "Finding Bliss", "All Over the Guy"


Hi Harriette -

I enjoyed your class tremendously. What I found especially enlightening (no pun intended) was your use of Joseph Campbell's work as a basis for characterization and story development. It has totally changed my approach and much improved my thought processes re the writing. The interaction of our group was great and I hope many of us will be together again in your next screenwriting class.

I highly recommend this class. I think the discipline and structure imposed by screenwriting has very valuable lessons for any type of writing. This is the best creative writing class I've taken.

I look forward to seeing you in a couple of months. Have a safe trip to LA.

Best regards,

Dear Harriette. I wanted to thank you for the insights you transmitted me in your screenwriter’s class. Besides the great materials you provided, your energy and enthusiasm made it that much more fun to attend.

I wrote a script not long before your class and with your teachings I was able to improve it tremendously to the point that it is now ready to present to potential talent and distributors.

I look forward to attend more of your filmmakers classes and will certainly recommend it to others.

Thank you very much,

Alejandro Itkin

As a producer and writer/director, Harriette Yahr’s experience and insight into both the process and the “business” of writing for film is invaluable. Her screenwriting workshop is a very hands-on experience, and starting day #1 we rolled up our sleeves and jumped right into writing exercises, character development, and script analysis. The course materials and handouts provided a wealth of information, and the intimate size of the class allowed for plenty of individual attention.

I can’t recommend Harriette Yahr’s screenwriting workshop highly enough... I’ve already signed up for her advanced screenwriting workshop this summer.

-- Ian Rand


Thanks again for a WONDERFUL introduction to screenwriting. It's wonderful to find teachers that both inform and inspire. I really feel like I have the tools to move forward with my script, and it couldn't be more perfect timing!

Sara Tekula
Owner, Noni Films, Maui, Hawaii